Shyam Sewa Trust

“Good things happen when intentions are right”

Shyam group believes corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an inseparable agenda that is at the heart of everything that it propagates, pursues and practices. The Shyam group is committed to model its core businesses with environmental, social and ethical principles as its guiding factors. SHYAM GROUP believes in giving back to the society and is dedicated to pursuing social responsibility cause and remaining sensitive to the issues of environment protection and enrichment and development of local communities in its areas of operation.

Shyam group companies are actively involved in a wide variety of community development and environmental preservation projects. The group's social activities related to health, primary education, skills training and entrepreneurship, livelihoods, women empowerment and strengthening services for the differently-abled.

Shyam Sewa Trust, a Charitable Trust spearheaded by none other than Mrs Jamnotri Gupta was set up to open free schools, shelter homes and dispensaries for the economically backward and underprivileged groups, tree plantation and animal welfare. Its efforts are for empowering every living thing on mother earth gets its due share of the resources.